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Alternatives – Can You Look Under the Hood?

Dec 2017 by Caroline Rasmussen

Developing an expertise in portfolio construction using alternatives can be a major differentiator for an advisory practice and an important element in building more valuable client relationships.

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Emotion Selling and the Upside of Lock-Ups

Jul 2017 by Caroline Rasmussen

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Alternatives Viewed as More Important by High-Net-Worth Investors in 2017

Feb 2017 by Caroline Rasmussen

Alternatives viewed as more important by high-net-worth investors in 2017

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Bridging the Alternatives Gap

LISTEN NOW | iCapital’s CEO Lawrence Calcano speaks to Charley Wright on Strategic Investor Radio about Bridging the Alternatives Gap

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Wealth Advisors and Impact Investing

Aug 2016

We surveyed RIAs in our network about demand for impact investments from their clients, including allocations, future deployment plans, and impact themes of interest.

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Registered Investment Advisors and Private Equity

Jun 2016

We provide findings from our survey of over 400 advisory professionals about their use of private equity over the past five years, including preferred methods of investing, client assets invested, ways of sourcing new opportunities, perspectives on client demand and perceived obstacles.

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INFOGRAPHIC - Registered Investment Advisors and Private Equity

Jun 2016

This infographic summarizes key statistics from our survey of over 400 independent RIAs on their use of private equity.