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Blog 02092017

Alternatives Viewed as More Important by High-Net-Worth Investors in 2017

Feb 2017 by Caroline Rasmussen

Alternatives viewed as more important by high-net-worth investors in 2017

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Hedge Funds for a Low-Return, High-Risk World

Dec 2016 by Caroline Rasmussen

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Bridging the Alternatives Gap

LISTEN NOW | iCapital’s CEO Lawrence Calcano speaks to Charley Wright on Strategic Investor Radio about Bridging the Alternatives Gap

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Rethinking Hedge Fund Performance & Fees

Nov 2016 by Caroline Rasmussen

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iCapital Investor Network Hedge Fund Survey

Jun 2016

As part of our regular survey series, we queried our investor network about their use of hedge funds, including current allocations, preferred structures, and top investment strategies of interest.

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