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The Difference between Private Equity & Venture Capital

While both PE and VC funds make investments primarily in private companies, the types of businesses in which they invest, how they invest, the level of risk involved, and the value creation methods they bring to bear are meaningfully different.
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Can Infrastructure Investments Protect Portfolios?

Given the large and diverse addressable infrastructure opportunity, the maturity of the market cycle, and continuing low risk-adjusted yields in traditional fixed income, illiquid assets such as infrastructure investments that can deliver stable, inflation-hedged cashflow as well as diversification and downside protection are becoming increasingly interesting.
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Featured Research

Single-family Offices and Alternative Investments

We provide findings from our survey of 157 single-family offices about their use of private equity funds, hedge funds, and direct private company investments, including recent allocation changes, future plans and differences in behavior across first generation-led family offices and those managed by second generation family members.
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Can I achieve my return objectives

Can I achieve my return objectives AND diversify my portfolio with a mix of stocks and bonds?

Posted on Oct 15 2017 by Joe Burns

Both stocks and bonds have several sources of return, which over the long-term provide a reasonable guide to future performance.   |   Read More

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Manager Selection Tips

Picking the right manager is critical to generating strong returns within a private equity portfolio. It's well-known that there is significant dispersion in performance between the best and worst performing private equity managers. Thus, manager selection is crucial when building out your private equity portfolio. Learn tips from Performance Equity's Frank Brenninkmeyer about how to evaluate a manager and understand if they will be a top performer.