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68% of advisors surveyed say that their high-net-worth clients are interested in private equity, but many RIA firms have still not embraced this asset class. Learn about their historical use of private equity funds and direct investments, ways of sourcing new opportunities, perspectives on client demand and perceived obstacles.


See the key findings from our recent survey of 443 registered investment advisory firms about their use of and perspectives on private equity investments.


The ultra-private organizations that help the world’s wealthiest families oversee their financial and personal affairs — single-family offices — are long time investors in private equity. Learn about their portfolio allocations, perspectives on performance and plans for the asset class.


Four key reasons why private equity can make sense as part of a thoughtful, long-term investment strategy.


Nick Veronis and Kunal Shah from iCapital’s Due Diligence and Origination team join Accredited Investor Markets Radio for a 2-part podcast series about the fundamentals of private equity.

Manager Selection Tips

Picking the right manager is critical to generating strong returns within a private equity portfolio. It's well-known that there is significant dispersion in performance between the best and worst performing private equity managers. Thus, manager selection is crucial when building out your private equity portfolio. Learn tips from Performance Equity's Frank Brenninkmeyer about how to evaluate a manager and understand if they will be a top performer.

What’s in a Track Record?

Track record and past investment history can provide a window into a manager's decision-making process, which can help you determine if their strategy and investment history is the right fit for your portfolio. Neuberger Berman's Managing Director Peter Von Lehe explains their process for evaluating GP track records and how GPs can survive in a "Darwinian" fundraising market.

IRR and Quartile "Distortions"

What is the best way to measure performance of the private equity asset class? An age old debate, IRR - internal rate of return - has been the traditional way to track and benchmark private equity returns relative to other investments. But IRR fails to tell the entire story. Professor Oliver Gottschalg, a leading academic on private equity performance, discusses how the standard math of an IRR calculation can distort a track record as either unfairly positive or negative.

Benchmarking Basics: Peer Groups

Benchmarking is a tricky but important exercise in private equity investing. Which peer group should a fund manager be benchmarked against? This discussion delves into how LPs and GPs should approach the benchmarking question. Learn how to think about benchmarking and why it's important to consider all the factors before coming to a conclusion about fund performance.

Operating Platforms Compared

Making the right investment decision is critical to generating solid returns. However, that's only half the battle. Making the right post-investment decisions operating a company also significantly impacts returns. Learn how senior executives in the private equity industry compare ways to use operating talent to create portfolio company value.