Democratizing Alternative Investments
iCapital Network is a financial technology platform that simplifies access to alternative investments, such as private equity and hedge funds, for high-net-worth investors and their advisors.
Membership is fast and free for qualified investors.
Forbes FinTech50-2018

Named on the "Forbes Fintech 50" for 2018*

WealthManagement.com 2018 Awards

Winner of the "Technology Providers – Alternative Investment Platforms" Category**

Historical Challenge

Until now, alternative investments have primarily been the domain of institutional investors such as pension funds, endowments, and insurance companies. The vast majority of wealthy individuals and independent investment advisors have had limited or, in many cases, no ability to access top managers of private funds.

Even when they gain access, these investors often lack basic tools to evaluate the manager and are subjected to high minimum investment thresholds. At the same time, most private fund managers have had no efficient way to source and aggregate commitments from the retail market.

Our Solution

iCapital provides qualified investors with access to private equity and hedge fund managers and allows them to invest as little as $100,000 in funds that typically have multi-million dollar minimums. Using state-of-the-art, secure technology, qualified investors can hear established managers tell their story first-hand through an online video roadshow, analyze track record and other information, compare a manager’s performance against relevant benchmarks, review offering documents and actually invest online through the platform.

For alternative asset managers, iCapital offers a turn-key solution to aggregate tens of millions of dollars from qualified investors through a single source.