Created by industry leaders, AltsEdge gives you a competitive advantage with practical, comprehensive, and easily accessible knowledge about alternative investments.

Earn up to 10 CE credits and a certificate of completion of the ‘Master Class in Alternatives’ from iCapital Network and the CAIA Association.

Knowledge You Really Use is Power

Solid portfolios are built on know-how. AltsEdge is product-agnostic and especially designed to deepen your understanding of the private markets and hedge funds. You’ll gain the knowledge you need to confidently select the right strategies and further diversify your clients’ portfolio.

The Broader Your Knowledge, the Broader Your Clients’ Opportunities

What you don’t know about alternative investments can limit your ability to meet your clients’ long-term investment objectives. With Capital Market Assumptions (CMAs) well below historical averages and fewer options for uncorrelated returns in the public markets, it may be time to identify alternative sources of return, income, and diversification. Used wisely, alternative investments can become a transformative part of a high-net-worth investor’s portfolio. By learning with AltsEdge, you’ll master the nuances and best use of these assets and strategies to advance your business and advise your clients.

Learn from Industry Leaders Committed to Advancing Education

iCapital1 and CAIA Association teamed up to create an innovative new approach to alternatives education that provides sophisticated advisors an essential foundation of knowledge about these important investments.

The award-winning financial technology leaders who power the global alternative investment marketplace.

The global professional credentialing body dedicated to creating greater alignment, transparency, and knowledge of alternative investments for all investors.

When an Advisor Wants Advice, They Want the Best in the Industry

Your high-net-worth clients have high standards. So do you. That’s why we assembled a team of experts in alternatives with extensive experience counseling advisors on their use. Their expertise spans research and due diligence, portfolio management, the regulatory landscape, and formal educational training.

1. Institutional Capital Network, Inc. and affiliates (herein “iCapital” or “iCapital Network”)

Set the Pace for Your Learning Journey

Our new program is comprehensive yet streamlined. We’ll take you through the essentials and cover topics that are timely and relevant to you and your clients, including the private markets, hedge funds, registered funds, and portfolio construction.

  • State-of-the-art, easy-to-navigate online learning management system.
  • Robust program featuring engaging modules learning assessments, and a dashboard to track progress.
  • Online and responsive program, desktop or mobile; learn whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you.
  • Virtual instruction for groups (upon request).

Explore Your Master Class in Alternatives

We invite you to explore what our program can do for you and your clients. Get started today with our first four modules, beginning with Using Alternatives Wisely.

Each module offers 1 continuing education (CE) credit that may be used toward maintaining your IWI and/or CFP designations. Complete the full program of 10 modules and earn a framed certificate of completion in the ‘Master Class in Alternatives’ from iCapital Network and CAIA Association.

Our Topics

February 2021

Using Alternatives Wisely

February 2021

Understanding the Private Markets

February 2021

Understanding Private Equity

February 2021

Hedge Funds – Industry Overview & Market Opportunities


April 2021

Private Credit

April 2021

Real Assets

April 2021

Hedge Funds – Investment Strategies and Portfolio Considerations

April 2021

Understanding Registered Funds

April 2021

Incorporating Registered Funds

April 2021

Portfolio Construction


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