Market sell off blog

    Do Hedge Funds Need a Market Sell-off in order to Outperform?

    Dec 2017 by Joe Burns

    Historically, hedge funds have outperformed during up markets, and protected capital in down markets, but have underperformed over the past 7 years. What then are the realistic expectations investors should have regarding future hedge funds performance relative to stocks and bonds?

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    Under hood 02

    Alternatives – Can You Look Under the Hood?

    Dec 2017 by Caroline Rasmussen

    Developing an expertise in portfolio construction using alternatives can be a major differentiator for an advisory practice and an important element in building more valuable client relationships.

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    Blog opaque and illiquid

    Are all hedge funds illiquid and opaque?

    Nov 2017 by Joe Burns

    Transparency varies by hedge fund investment strategy. At a minimum, investors should understand the primary return drivers and risk factors in each underlying investment, which can be analyzed qualitatively, statistically and operationally.

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    Blog diversify portfolio

    Can I achieve my return objectives AND diversify my portfolio with a mix of stocks and bonds?

    Oct 2017 by Joe Burns

    Both stocks and bonds have several sources of return, which over the long-term provide a reasonable guide to future performance.

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    Blog 23092017

    Should you be worried about private equity dry powder?

    Sep 2017 by Caroline Rasmussen

    It would be overly simplistic in our view to consider headline dry powder numbers in isolation and conclude that private equity as an asset class should be avoided.

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    Blogcover 01b

    Five key findings from Bain’s 2017 Private Equity Report

    Apr 2017 by Caroline Rasmussen

    Each year global consultancy Bain issues a comprehensive, state-of-the-industry report on private equity, which has become required reading for most investors in the asset class. We’ve highlighted five key findings from the report...

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    Blog 02092017

    Alternatives Viewed as More Important by High-Net-Worth Investors in 2017

    Feb 2017 by Caroline Rasmussen

    Alternatives viewed as more important by high-net-worth investors in 2017

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    Blog 01152017

    Returns in the Tech Sector are Accruing to Private, Not Public, Investors

    Jan 2017 by Caroline Rasmussen

    Private companies commanding valuations of over $1 billion have earned themselves a new moniker, with references to “unicorns” and even “super-unicorns” (companies with valuations above $10 billion) saturating the investment press in recent years....

    Blog 12082016

    High-Net-Worth Investors Expecting Volatility, Economic Growth Under Trump

    Dec 2016 by Caroline Rasmussen

    The latest pulse poll of our high-net-worth investor network reveals broadly positive sentiment, with 63% of respondents expecting a boost to economic growth under a Trump administration. This is consistent with several other HNW surveys taken...

    Blog 02192016

    You Can Get Access to the Best Alternative Assets

    Feb 2015 by Dan Vene

    Andy Rachleff wrote an excellent post on the Wealthfront blog Feb 5th titled “You Can’t Get Access to the Best Alternative Assets.” It is a very interesting post and highlights many truths about investing in alternative assets. So why are we now writing a blog post with the exact opposite title? How can we agree with Andy’s general statements yet disagree with his overall conclusion?

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    Blog 02122014

    The Importance of Patient Investing

    Feb 2014 by Dan Vene

    For decades we have heard investing legends Warren Buffet and John Bogle speak of the importance of "patient investing"... But what does patient investing really mean in practice for the average investor? Today we look at some

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    Blog 11082013

    600-700 Basis Points of Premium for the Past 10 to 15 Years

    Nov 2013 by Dan Vene

    According to Cambridge Associates U.S. Private Equity Index Summary, over the past 10 years private equity returns have outperformed the S&P 500 by 668 basis points annually (14.12% vs. 7.44%) and over the past 15 years by

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