A selection of evergreen educational materials developed to shed light on the mechanics and characteristics of private equity.


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Private Equity Essentials

This 35-page whitepaper from iCapital’s Origination & Diligence team provides a comprehensive overview of the private equity asset class, covering structure, mechanics, core strategies, how PE managers create value and how to evaluate a private equity opportunity.

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What is Growth Equity?

Growth equity has long been described as the private investment strategy occupying the middle ground between venture capital and traditional leveraged buyouts. While this is true, the asset class has evolved into more than just an intermediate private investing approach.

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An Overview of Private Equity Fund Diligence

This article outlines the five key areas that form the basis of institutional private equity fund diligence: track record, investment strategy, investment team, deal sourcing, and value creation.

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What's the Difference Between Private Equity & Venture Capital?

While both PE and VC funds make investments primarily in private companies, the types of businesses in which they invest, how they invest, the level of risk involved, and the 

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Where Private Equity Fits in a Portfolio

This article outlines the core investment strategies of private equity and how investors can think about incorporating PE into a traditional portfolio.

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Dunkin’ Donuts Case Study

When Bain Capital, Thomas H. Lee Partners and the Carlyle Group bought Dunkin’ Brands in 2006, they brought performance focus and attention to a neglected asset within a larger family of companies.

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The Case for Private Equity

Private equity provides an opportunity to pursue higher returns and greater diversification than may be available through the public markets alone.

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An Explanation of Private Equity Fund Fees

This article explains private equity fund fees and summarizes the mechanics of making a PE fund investment.

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5 Key Questions to Ask Before Making a Private Equity Investment

Private equity can be a valuable addition to a well diversified portfolio, but may not be appropriate for all investors; learn which five questions you should ask before making a private equity investment.

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