iCapital Investor Network Hedge Fund Survey

Jun 2016

Hedge Funds Survey CoverAs part of our regular survey series, we queried our investor network about their use of hedge funds, including current allocations, preferred structures, and top investment strategies of interest.



• 8 out of 10 respondents currently invests in hedge funds

• 65% of respondents have a target allocation to hedge funds of 10% or more (20% target an allocation 20% or more)

• 80% of respondents are at 50% or more of their target allocation (35% are fully allocated)

• 77% invest directly into single-manager funds, while 41% go through feeders

• 79% say they are ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ likely to invest in hedge funds over the next 12 months

• Top three investment strategies of interest:
  55% Multi-strategy
  54% Credit
  46% Long-short equity

• 83% would consider funds with lock-up periods;
  94% said 1-year or longer

• Top three reasons for not investing:
  63% performance
  56% fees
  50% liquidity


iCapital’s member network is comprised of approximately 1,500 wealthy individuals and families, family offices, and the key professionals they rely on for investment guidance such as registered investment advisors, financial planners, wealth managers, brokerage representatives and private bankers. Each member is a qualified purchaser or an advisor thereto, meeting one or more of the following criteria:

  • Individual investors own at least US$5 million of investable assets
  • Companies own or oversee at least US$25 million of investable assets

    We conduct regular pulse polls and research surveys with our network members in order to identify and understand the evolving priorities, preferences and concerns within the high-net-worth investing community.

    The survey was sent to the entire network via email and conducted using an online survey tool. Responses are voluntary and do not include the entire network. Member demographics and psychographics are substantially similar and may result in response bias. Totals may not foot due to rounding.


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