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Advisors and Alternative Investments

Jun 2018

We recently surveyed more than 450 advisors about their use of and perspectives on alternative investments. Our new research report shares how experienced advisors source and allocate to private equity funds, hedge funds and direct deals, the challenges that impact their ability to invest and their future plans for each asset type.

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Single-family Offices and Alternative Investments

Nov 2017

We provide findings from our survey of 157 single-family offices about their use of private equity funds, hedge funds, and direct private company investments, including recent allocation changes, future plans and differences in behavior across first generation-led family offices and those managed by second generation family members.

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INFOGRAPHIC – Second-Generation Single-Family Offices Aggressive Users of Alternatives

Nov 2017

Second-generation SFOs have a particular propensity for direct deals, with 71% increasing their direct allocations relative to last year and 82% intending to do so in the future.

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INFOGRAPHIC – Strong & Growing Interest in Alternatives from Single-Family Offices

Nov 2017

90% of SFOs increased their private equity exposure over the past year, either through funds or direct investments.

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Returns in the Tech Sector are Accruing to Private, Not Public, Investors

Jan 2017 by Caroline Rasmussen

Private companies commanding valuations of over $1 billion have earned themselves a new moniker, with references to “unicorns” and even “super-unicorns” (companies with valuations above $10 billion) saturating the investment press in recent years....

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iCapital Investor Network Direct Deals Survey

Nov 2016

We surveyed our investor network about their direct investment programs, including number and average size of deals completed, preferred types of direct deals, and interest in direct private real estate transactions.

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Registered Investment Advisors and Private Equity

Jun 2016

We provide findings from our survey of over 400 advisory professionals about their use of private equity over the past five years, including preferred methods of investing, client assets invested, ways of sourcing new opportunities, perspectives on client demand and perceived obstacles.

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INFOGRAPHIC - Registered Investment Advisors and Private Equity

Jun 2016

This infographic summarizes key statistics from our survey of over 400 independent RIAs on their use of private equity.

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Single-Family Offices and Private Equity

Nov 2015

We provide findings from our survey of 162 single-family offices about their investments in private equity over the past two years, including allocations, preferred ways of accessing the asset class, performance results and future plans for their private equity programs.

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