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Icapital sfo infographic cover

INFOGRAPHIC - Single-Family Offices and Private Equity

Nov 2015

This infographic summarizes findings from our comprehensive report on single-family offices’ use of private equity, including current allocations, performance and future plans.

What's in a Track Record

Track record and past investment history can provide a window into a manager's decision-making process, which can help you determine if their strategy and investment history is the right fit for your portfolio. Neuberger Berman's Managing Director...

IRR and Quartile "Distortions"

What is the best way to measure performance of the private equity asset class? An age old debate, IRR - internal rate of return - has been the traditional way to track and benchmark private equity returns relative to other investments. But IRR...

Benchmarking Basics: Peer Groups

Benchmarking is a tricky but important exercise in private equity investing. Which peer group should a fund manager be benchmarked against? This discussion delves into how LPs and GPs should approach the benchmarking question. Learn how to think...

Operating Platforms Compared

Making the right investment decision is critical to generating solid returns. However, that's only half the battle. Making the right post-investment decisions operating a company also significantly impacts returns. Learn how senior executives in...

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5 Key Questions to Ask Before Making a Private Equity Investment

Private equity can be a valuable addition to a well diversified portfolio, but may not be appropriate for all investors; learn which five questions you should ask before making a private equity investment.

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Blog 02192016

You Can Get Access to the Best Alternative Assets

Feb 2015 by Dan Vene

Andy Rachleff wrote an excellent post on the Wealthfront blog Feb 5th titled “You Can’t Get Access to the Best Alternative Assets.” It is a very interesting post and highlights many truths about investing in alternative assets. So why are we now writing a blog post with the exact opposite title? How can we agree with Andy’s general statements yet disagree with his overall conclusion?

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Manager Selection Tips

Picking the right manager is critical to generating strong returns within a private equity portfolio. It's well-known that there is significant dispersion in performance between the best and worst performing private equity managers. Thus, manager...

Blog 02122014

The Importance of Patient Investing

Feb 2014 by Dan Vene

For decades we have heard investing legends Warren Buffet and John Bogle speak of the importance of "patient investing"... But what does patient investing really mean in practice for the average investor? Today we look at some

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Blog 11082013

600-700 Basis Points of Premium for the Past 10 to 15 Years

Nov 2013 by Dan Vene

According to Cambridge Associates U.S. Private Equity Index Summary, over the past 10 years private equity returns have outperformed the S&P 500 by 668 basis points annually (14.12% vs. 7.44%) and over the past 15 years by

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