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Is There Too Much Dry Powder in Private Equity?

Sep 2017 by Caroline Rasmussen

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Should you be worried about private equity dry powder?

Sep 2017 by Caroline Rasmussen

It would be overly simplistic in our view to consider headline dry powder numbers in isolation and conclude that private equity as an asset class should be avoided.

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Alternative Investments Survey

Jul 2017

As part of our regular survey series, we queried our investor network about their use of alternatives, including current allocations, preferred structures, and top investment strategies of interest.

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What is Growth Equity?

Growth equity has long been described as the private investment strategy occupying the middle ground between venture capital and traditional leveraged buyouts. While this is true, the asset class has evolved into more than just an intermediate private investing approach.

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Can Infrastructure Investment Protect Portfolios?

Jun 2017 by Caroline Rasmussen

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Five key findings from Bain’s 2017 Private Equity Report

Apr 2017 by Caroline Rasmussen

Each year global consultancy Bain issues a comprehensive, state-of-the-industry report on private equity, which has become required reading for most investors in the asset class. We’ve highlighted five key findings from the report...

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Returns in the Tech Sector are Accruing to Private, Not Public, Investors

Jan 2017 by Caroline Rasmussen

Private companies commanding valuations of over $1 billion have earned themselves a new moniker, with references to “unicorns” and even “super-unicorns” (companies with valuations above $10 billion) saturating the investment press in recent years....

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What's the Difference Between Private Equity & Venture Capital?

While both PE and VC funds make investments primarily in private companies, the types of businesses in which they invest, how they invest, the level of risk involved, and the 

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