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Inside the Elite Advisory Practice

Dec 2017 by Hannah Grove

Market sell off blog

Do Hedge Funds Need a Market Sell-off in order to Outperform?

Dec 2017 by Joe Burns

Historically, hedge funds have outperformed during up markets, and protected capital in down markets, but have underperformed over the past 7 years. What then are the realistic expectations investors should have regarding future hedge funds performance relative to stocks and bonds?

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Blog opaque and illiquid

Are all hedge funds illiquid and opaque?

Nov 2017 by Joe Burns

Transparency varies by hedge fund investment strategy. At a minimum, investors should understand the primary return drivers and risk factors in each underlying investment, which can be analyzed qualitatively, statistically and operationally.

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Six Strategies of Top Earning Advisors

Nov 2017 by Hannah Grove

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Single-family Offices and Alternative Investments

Nov 2017

We provide findings from our survey of 157 single-family offices about their use of private equity funds, hedge funds, and direct private company investments, including recent allocation changes, future plans and differences in behavior across first generation-led family offices and those managed by second generation family members.

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INFOGRAPHIC – Second-Generation Single-Family Offices Aggressive Users of Alternatives

Nov 2017

Second-generation SFOs have a particular propensity for direct deals, with 71% increasing their direct allocations relative to last year and 82% intending to do so in the future.

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INFOGRAPHIC – Strong & Growing Interest in Alternatives from Single-Family Offices

Nov 2017

90% of SFOs increased their private equity exposure over the past year, either through funds or direct investments.

Blog diversify portfolio

Can I achieve my return objectives AND diversify my portfolio with a mix of stocks and bonds?

Oct 2017 by Joe Burns

Both stocks and bonds have several sources of return, which over the long-term provide a reasonable guide to future performance.

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Alternative Investments Survey

Jul 2017

As part of our regular survey series, we queried our investor network about their use of alternatives, including current allocations, preferred structures, and top investment strategies of interest.