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What is Growth Equity?

Growth equity has long been described as occupying the middle ground between buyouts and venture, but its unique risk-return profile, driven by a focus on organic growth, low leverage, and downside protection, has resulted in the creation of dedicated allocations across many portfolios and made this private equity strategy one of the brightest spots in today’s investment landscape.
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5 Questions for Hedge Fund Investors

iCapital’s Head of Hedge Fund Due Diligence, Joe Burns, discusses five key considerations for hedge fund investors and takes a closer look at recent performance, the potential role hedge funds can play in downside protection and outperformance, managing illiquidity and transparency, and finding the right fund for your investment objectives.
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Featured Research

Advisors and Alternative Investments

We recently surveyed more than 450 advisors about their use of and perspectives on alternative investments. Our new research report shares how experienced advisors source and allocate to private equity funds, hedge funds and direct deals, the challenges that impact their ability to invest and their future plans for each asset type.
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Can I achieve my return objectives

Can I achieve my return objectives AND diversify my portfolio with a mix of stocks and bonds?

Posted on Oct 15 2017 by Joe Burns

Both stocks and bonds have several sources of return, which over the long-term provide a reasonable guide to future performance.   |   Read More

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Manager Selection Tips

Picking the right manager is critical to generating strong returns within a private equity portfolio. It's well-known that there is significant dispersion in performance between the best and worst performing private equity managers. Thus, manager selection is crucial when building out your private equity portfolio. Learn tips from Performance Equity's Frank Brenninkmeyer about how to evaluate a manager and understand if they will be a top performer.